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Learn more about the yESTRO committee by watching present Steven Petit, chair of the yESTRO committee, at ESTRO in Vienna May ’23.

Steven presents what the yESTRO committee is, our values, what we think is important, our goal and our initiatives, and what we can do for you.

In 2027 young Radiation Oncology professionals feel at home in ESTRO, and are being prepared to lead ESTRO and the profession into the 2030’s.
That is the Vision of the yESTRO Committee.

“Feeling at home” means for us that young members know what ESTRO can do for them. And that young members know what they can do for ESTRO and feel comfortable contributing.
“Are being prepared to lead” underlines the importance of young members for the future of ESTRO. In addition, it stresses the need for professional programs for leadership development (like the mentorship program).

If you would like to know more about how we aim to reach our vision, watch the video above, recorded at ESTRO 2023 in Vienna.

yESTRO represents the young radiotherapy community within Europe, and consists of members from four specialities (clinicians, physicists, biologists and RTTs). The committee has the responsibility to ensure that the voices of the next generation of researchers and practitioners are heard, regarding the future of ESTRO as an interdisciplinary organisation. The aims of yESTRO are to secure a high level of relevance of ESTRO for young members in the field of radiation oncology in terms of educational, scientific and professional issues. 

  • Provides a networking platform for young professionals
  • Is responsible for the annual congress young track
  • Collaborates with the National Societies and supports the creation of young groups at national level
  • Has observers in the ESTRO standing committees
  • Engages in educational activities
  • Organises the mentoring programme
  • Manages the Opinion Panel
  • Connects young professionals in Radiation Oncology through the yESTRO LinkedIn group

Chair: Steven Petit, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

Azadeh Abravan, Manchester, UK

Jenny Bertholet, Bern, Switzerland

Dylan Callens, Leuven, Belgium 

Jolien Heukelom, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Morten Horsholt Kristensen, Aarhus, Denmark

Pierre Montay-Gruel, Antwerp, Belgium

Daan Nevens, Antwerp, Belgium

Rachel Brooks-Pearson, Newcastle, UK

Daniel Portik, Brussels, Belgium 

Bartłomiej Tomasik, Gdansk, Poland

Amanda Webster, London, UK

The young committee is contactable through young@estro.org  at ESTRO office.



Past Chairs:

Pierfrancesco Franco, Turin, Italy

Find out about the articles of the Young ESTRO Corner

Are you a young professional working, training, or studying in Radiation Oncology? Would you like to be able to share your opinion, help us better represent you, contribute to taskforces or simply just take your first step within the ESTRO community?

Here is your chance!

ESTRO is delighted to announce that we have established an opinion panel for our young members. We are looking for Radiotherapy professionals up to 39 years of age or within 10 years from finishing their training/Phd, who are ESTRO members or are motivated to contribute to ESTRO initiatives. Panellists would be expected to complete the opinion panel questionnaire every 2 months. Panellists would also be agreeing to their information being shared with ESTRO committees, task forces, and initiatives.

ESTRO strives for a diverse cohort of panellists in terms of gender, professional background, and geographical location, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Sign up here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SP2R97H

Following the success of the last two editions, the ESTRO mentoring programme will continue with a 3rd edition starting at ESTRO 2024 in Glasgow.

The 2nd edition matched 20 young, active professionals with ESTRO mentors with the goal of advancing their personal and professional goals! Do you want to be a part of the next generation of motivated radiation oncology professionals?

Then sign up for the program that will continue with its new edition at ESTRO 2024 in Glasgow.

Please find more information here.


You can apply by filling the online motivation form here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B9S795B 


Quotes from a mentor and mentee:

“It brought me into a wider contact with ESTRO, making me much more confident to approach new positions.”

“Overall, it has been hugely rewarding and enjoyable, and has given me confidence and the skills to use when mentoring people within my own institution.”

“The program was like a safe net, which acts like a trampoline, too.”

Here you can find two lectures on the importance of mentoring by Dave Fuller and Kari Tanderup, recorded for the first edition of the ESTRO mentoring programme.