Chair: Heidi Lyng, Oslo, Norway

Kerstin Borgmann, Hamburg, Germany

Ananya Choudhury, Manchester, UK

Ludwig Dubois, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Franziska Eckert, Vienna, Austria

Ester Hammond, Oxford, United Kingdom

Monica Mangoni, Florence, Italy

François Paris, Nantes, France

Brita Singers Sørensen, Aarhus, Denmark

Paul Span, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

yESTRO observer: Bartłomiej Tomasik, Gdansk, Poland


Past Chairs:

Rob Coppes, Groningen, The Netherlands


The committee is contactable through at ESTRO office.

The Biology Committee (BC) provides various activities at the educational and research level to foster and promote basic, preclinical and translational / clinical biology within European radiation oncology. To fulfil this aim, the BC activities are focused on:

  • Promoting international exchange of knowledge and experience and supporting international as well as national activities to establish graduate and postgraduate training programmes in the field of radiation research in general, especially in basic and clinical radiation biology/oncology;
  • Serving as advisory committee to the Scientific Committee at the annual ESTRO meeting and responsibility for appointing a biologist to the Programme Committee of this meeting;
  • Providing topics for pre-meeting activities and biology sessions at the annual ESTRO meeting;
  • Appointing a member of the Biology Committee to become member of the ESTRO Education Council;
  • Advising the ESTRO Education Council in establishing new teaching courses and appointing new course directors;
  • The Biology Committee meets twice a year: at the ESTRO office and at the annual conference.