Health Economics in Radiation Oncology

  • Yolande Lievens (Belgium), co-chair

  • Ajay Aggarwal (United Kingdom), co-chair

  • Cai Grau (Denmark)

  • Josep Borras (Spain)

  • Julieta Corral (Spain)

  • Mary Coffey (Ireland)

  • Peter Dunscombe † (Canada)

  • Lionel Perrier (France)

  • Judith van Loon (The Netherlands)

  • Noémie Defourny (Belgium)

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Health care budgets are tight, and health economic evaluations are key to support decision-making: launched in 2010, the HERO project (Health Economics in Radiation Oncology) is developing a knowledge base and a cost accounting model estimating the national cost of radiotherapy (RT). The overall aim is to provide solid data to the RT community to engage with governments, funders and decision makers, and advocate for better funding for RT, better resource planning and ultimately better care for cancer patients.

To accomplish these objectives, the HERO project addresses different dimensions: the provision and accessibility of radiotherapy in Europe, then compared to the need for radiotherapy, and the cost of radiotherapy assessed at national level thanks to a cost-accounting model tailored for radiotherapy, in order to engage in economic evaluations of radiotherapy, e.g. cost-effectiveness and cost-utility.

The project is carried out in close collaboration with the European national societies of radiation oncology. A task force has been formed, consisting of international specialists in the field.

  • Provision and accessibility of radiotherapy: Assessment of the actual status of radiotherapy in Europe, in terms of treatments delivered on an annual basis per country, equipment, staffing and guidelines.

  • The need for radiotherapy: Definition of an optimum for radiotherapy in Europe, defining the patients who should receive radiotherapy, those that are receiving it - highlighting the existing gap - and the growing future need for RT.

  • Cost-accounting programme for RO: Development of a costing tool, providing insight on the national cost of radiotherapy: per treatment, on average and for various tumour types and techniques used, but also on the resources required based on national patterns of care, allowing to perform sensitivity analysis.

  • Economic evaluation models for RO. Engagement in economic evaluations of radiotherapy, e.g. cost-effectiveness and cost-utility; estimates on gains in outcome, different costs, different countries, different radiotherapy techniques.