European Particle Therapy Network (EPTN)

The European Particle Therapy Network (EPTN) became a task force of ESTRO in 2017. It was established in 2015 in response to the anticipated increase in the number of particle therapy centres in Europe. In addition, the need to cooperate among centres and integrate particles (i.e. protons and carbons) in the framework of clinical research networks was identified as being of paramount importance. ESTRO, at the time of initiation of the network, was asked to collaborate with EPTN and agreed to facilitate the group.

Particle therapy (PT) is only one part of radiation oncology, and needs to be well aligned with other radiation techniques as well as with general developments in cancer research and patient care. PT offers both new opportunities for providing excellence in cancer care, and for high-quality research within the framework of European  networks.


The EPTN is led by three co-chairs and is composed of 8 working packages (WP) with experts of different topics to further elaborate the particle European discussions.
The EPTN meets once a year through the EPTN annual meeting.

The EPTN co-chairs are:

  • Cai Grau (Aarhus, DK) 
  • Damien Weber (Villigen, CH) 
  • Dietmar Georg (Vienna, AT)

The EPTN has its own internal standard operating procedure (SOP), covering its policies, aims, and organisation of the network.
Use this link to consult the EPTN SOP.

Save the date: 21-22 October 2024, Vienna, Austria!


The 10th European Particle Therapy Network (EPTN) Annual Meeting will take place on 22 October 2024, by the Medical University of Vienna, in Vienna, Austria.

Three EPTN Workshops on topics of interest will take place on 21st October 2024 in a central location in Vienna:

Adaptive Proton Therapy Workshop
Hosted by the recently established EPTN Adaptive Task Group, this workshop will serve as the first in-person meeting for task force participants and welcomes all interested individuals. The agenda aims to address the first tasks of the task group: A SWOT Analysis presentation and a discussion on the definition of commissioning and QA tests needed for online adaptive particle therapy.

New and modified content of the EPTN catabase
This workshop will discuss and determine the content for new registries and modifications to existing EPTN registries. For this purpose, several working groups have been established to develop and propose the data items that should be collected in the EPTN prospective data registries. These new proposals will serve as the foundation for future collaborative efforts under the leadership of WP1 and WP8 to report on the outcomes of proton therapy in Europe, providing additional evidence for its benefits across a wide range of cancer patients.            

Cost-effectiveness research in proton therapy: first attempts, challenges, and opportunities

This workshop organised by EPTN Work Package 7 on Health economy intend to bring together stakeholders with different backgrounds who are interested in research on outcomes and costs of proton therapy to share experiences and insights and initiate collaborations. One of the initiatives includes the development of a European time-driven activity-based costing model for proton therapy. Initial steps undertaken in this project will be presented at the workshop, with the aim to expand the collaboration to a large group of European proton therapy centres. 

Registration information and the Annual Meeting and workshop agendas will be coming soon. Workshops are half-day events, starting in the afternoon at 13:00 local time in Vienna.

We invite you to save the date and hope that you can join us in Vienna.

EPTN organisers:

Cai Grau (Aarhus, DK), Damien Weber (Villigen, CH), Dietmar Georg (Vienna, AT)



Each WP is structured with one or more coordinators and is thematically established to cover key challenges and developments related to the EPTN and its work. Some of the core responsibilities and aims of the WPs consist chiefly of engaging in trials, guidelines, white papers, and surveys, as well as establishing and hosting workshops and courses.
Below, each work package is listed with its own dedicated section, outlining its general organisational structure, as well as any particular developments and news from the work package.

Hans Langendijk, The Netherlands
Karin Haustermans, Belgium

Oliver Jäkel, Germany
Sairos Safai, Switzerland
Stefano Lorentini, Italy

Save the date: RTT Workshop – Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Switzerland 15th and 16th November 2024

This workshop for RTTs by Working Package 3 on Education of the EPTN, is aimed at discussing immobilisation, imaging, and the psychological impact of particle therapy. We seek to build up a strong RTT community in the EPTN, learn from each other in order that together we may find solutions for our everyday problems.

The workshop will be held at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland from the 15th to the 16th of November 2024.

Workshop Agenda:

Friday 15.11.2024

08:30-09:00    Registration

09:00-09:30    Introduction (PSI, Workshop, Organization)

09:30-10:30    Dosimetrists: Effects of immobilization on planning procedure

10:30-11:30    Psycho-oncology: Ways to calm down patients.

11:30-13:00    Lunch break, industry exhibition

13:00-14:30    Split groups: Exchange experience in immobilization:

  • CSI
  • H&N
  • Spine/Pelvis 
  • Head

14:30-15:30    Conclusions of working groups

15:30-16:00    Coffee break

16:00-17:00    Guided tour CPT and/or part of PSI

19:00-              Social event: Grill and Fondue

Saturday 16.11.2024:

08:30-10:00    Open discussion: Pediatrics (immobilization, handling with little patients)

10:00-10:30    Coffee break

10:30-11:30    Tips and tricks: Handling of the Gantries (Vendor dependent in groups)

11:30-12:30    IGRT

12:30              Closing words: See you next year?

For additional information, you may contact the workshop organisers; Rita Simoes ( and Michael Zorneth (


Morten Høyer, Denmark
Marco Schwarz, USA
Rita Simoes, UK

Save the date: EPTN-WP4 Annual Workshop on 21st and 22nd of November 2024, in Delft, Netherlands!


The annual workshop of the EPTN Work Package 4 on “Image Guidance in Particle Therapy” will take place on the 21st and 22nd of November 2024 at HollandPTC in Delft, the Netherlands.

The EPTN WP4 coordinators, Alessandra Bolsi and Aswin Hoffmann, kindly invite you to save-the-date for this workshop and hope that you will be able to participate.

Further information regarding registration, as well as travel and venue information will follow soon.
Please find the agenda below, under "Events".

Looking forward to seeing you at HollandPTC in Delft in November!

Aswin Hoffmann, Germany
Alessandra Bolsi, Switzerland


  • Consolidate existing knowledge
    Gather and synthesize information on current clinical experience, guidelines and research related to IGPT to establish a comprehensive understanding of its principles and applications.
  • Identify clinical practice parameters and patterns
    Systematically identify clinical practice parameters and patterns regarding IGPT, aiming to standardise treatment protocols, optimise workflows and provide excellence in patient care across institutions.
  • Develop evidence-based consensus guidelines
    Systematically collect and review available evidence to formulate evidence-based recommendations for the minimum clinical and technical requirements for IGPT in different cancer types, treatment settings and patient populations.
  • Facilitate collaborative research
    Stimulate collaboration among researchers and institutions to conduct high-quality multicentric studies aimed at advancing the understanding and refining the practice of IGPT, with the aim to standardise treatment protocols, optimise workflows and improve treatment outcomes.
  • Promote education and awareness
    Foster education and awareness among all professional sub-disciplines about the appropriate utilisation of IGPT through the organisation of the annual workshop and the dissemination of practice patterns and consensus guidelines.


The “Image Guidance” work package has the following body-site specific sub-working groups (in alphabetical order):

  • Abdominal tumours
    Sub-working group Leader: Markus Stock (AT)
  • Brain tumours
    Sub-working group Leaders: Iuliana Toma-Dasu (SE), Dante Amelio (IT)
  • CSI tumours
    Sub-working group Leaders: Petra Trnková (CZ), Alessandra Bolsi (CH)
  • Extremity tumours
    Sub-working group Leaders: Lorenzo Placidi (IT), Alessandra Bolsi (CH), Juliette Thariat (FR)
  • Head and neck tumours
    Sub-working group Leader: Juliette Thariat (IT)
  • Pelvic tumours
    Sub-working group Leaders: Markus Stock (AT), Christian Reschl (AT)
  • Thoracic tumours
    Sub-working group Leader: Alexandru Dasu (SE)


  • Comprehensive evaluation of inter- and intrafraction accuracy of immobilization devices used for image-guided particle radiation therapy: a multicenter study

Study Managers: Amelio Dante (IT), Daniele Scartoni (IT)

Description: here


The “Image Guidance” work package organises an annual event to discuss ongoing activities related to the aforementioned aims of the work package.

  • Upcoming workshop

2024, November 21st-22nd: HollandPTC, Delft (NL) - see agenda

  • Past workshops

2023: Skandionkliniken, Uppsala (SE) - Progress Report 2023

2022: MedAustron, Wiener Neustadt (AT) - Progress Report 2022

2021: virtual meeting                  

2020: virtual meeting - Progress Report 2020

2019: Centro di Protonterapia, Trento (IT) - Progress Report 2019

2018: Proton Therapy Center Czech, Prague (CZ) - Progress Report 2018

2017: University ProtonTherapy Dresden, Dresden (DE) - Progress Report 2017

2016 : Progress Report 2016


  • Publications
    • Trnková P, Dasu A, Placidi L, Stock M, Toma-Dasu I, Brouwer CL, Gosling A, Jouglar E, Kristensen I, Martin V, Moinuddin S, Pasquie I, Peters S, Pica A, Plaude S, Righetto R, Rombi B, Thariat J, van der Weide H, Hoffmann A, Bolsi A. Patterns of practice of image guided particle therapy for cranio-spinal irradiation: A site specific multi-institutional survey of European Particle Therapy Network. Physica Medica 2024; 123: 103407. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmp.2024.103407
    • Bolsi A, Peroni M, Amelio D, Dasu A, Stock M, Toma-Dasu I, Nyström PW, Hoffmann A. Practice patterns of image guided particle therapy in Europe: A 2016 survey of the European Particle Therapy Network (EPTN). Radiother Oncol 2018; 128(1): 4-8. doi: 10.1016/j.radonc.2018.03.017.

Christian Richter, Germany
Tony Lomax, Switzerland

Brita Sørensen, Denmark
Armin Lühr, Germany

Yolande Lievens, Belgium

Esther Troost, Germany
Vincent Gregoire, France


EPTN Reports

EPTN Reports

EPTN Documents


EPTN Publications

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