Radiation Oncology Safety Education and Information System


ESTRO has a long history in promoting the highest quality radiotherapy for all patients. With ROSEIS, ESTRO provides a practical tool to share information on incidents and near incidents, and stimulate learning and ensuring an ever safer environment for the patients.  

ROSEIS is a reporting tool and educational platform promoting an always safer radiotherapy practice. It facilitates the exchange of information on incidents and near-misses with the wider radiotherapy community.

The fundamental aim of ROSEIS is to improve safety in radiotherapy clinics by learning from incidents and near incidents locally and by sharing knowledge, information and experience with the wider radiotherapy community. 

ROSEIS aims to:

  • Support advancements in radiation safety

  • Encourage reporting to an anonymous international platform

  • Reinforce prospective risk analysis

  • Strengthen implementation of the EU Directive 2013/59/EURATOM

  • Management of the ROSEIS reporting system, where incidents and near incidents can be recorded and used within the individual clinics to support learning and improving safety locally

  • Sharing of safety information with the wider community; to highlight where incidents or near incidents may occur and any actions taken to elimiate them or to mitigate their impact

  • Provision of information and publications on safety related developments as they apply to radiotherapy

  • Online lecture material on related topics

  • Mary Coffey 

  • Anita O’Donovan 

  • Geoff Delaney 

  • Michael Milosevic

  • Todd Pawlicki 

  • Petra Reijnders-Thijssen

  • Dirk Verellen 

  • Brian Liszewski