Since August, our new IT infrastructure is active. This update will increase the user friendliness of the MyESTRO environment. To start using the system and accessing all the functionalities of our platform, you need to reactivate your MyESTRO account .

An email was sent to all MyESTRO account holders. When reactivating your account, it is essential that you use the same email address on which you received the message in August. In case you have not received this email, please use the same email address you used to create your initial MyESTRO account.

The different steps for reactivating your MyESTRO account are explained below. 
Reactivating your MyESTRO account 

  • Step 2: Insert email address and create a new password. Note: Please use the same email address on which you received this message. This is just to reactivate your account. Once your account is reactivated you can change/update your email address if needed. 

  • Step 3: carry out all remaining steps (insert personal information, professional information, preferences) 

  • Step 4: a confirmation email is sent to your email address. Please open the email and click on the verification link. 

  • Step 5: click on verify 

  • Step 6: click on continue 

  • Step 7: log on to your new MyESTRO account with your new credentials. 

  • Step 8: Ready! Welcome to your new MyESTRO account 

Once you have logged in to your MyESTRO account, you can upload your profile picture and add your biography. This can be found under the “personal information” section in your MyESTRO account. 
Your (new) MyESTRO account provides you with new functionalities that are integrated with the registrations for membership or events, such as abstracts' submission, and easy access to ESTRO resources like the E-library and the Green Journal. The (new) MyESTRO account ensures an enhanced user experience and facilitates the use of our website. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us ( should you have any question.