In memory of Professor Jan Battermann

It is with sadness that we announce today the passing away of Professor Jan Battermann on July 21, at the age of 75.

Jan Battermann spent a long working life in the departments of radiation oncology of the Dutch Cancer Institute and the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht. Jan’s scientific interest was broad but his heart was more dedicated to brachytherapy and especially to low dose rate (LDR) treatments for prostate cancer. His efforts resulted in numerous publications impacting clinical approaches. For many years he actively participated in GEC-ESTRO especially in the GEC-ESTRO urology working group. He was also an ardent course director and teacher in the ESTRO School.

He will sadly be missed.

On behalf of the GEC-ESTRO Committee,

Ina J├╝rgenliemk-Schulz