Andrée Dutreix (1928 – 2023)


With profound sadness, ESTRO announces the passing of one of its esteemed founding members, Mrs Andrée Dutreix. A luminary in the field of radiotherapy, Madame Dutreix's profound contributions have left an indelible mark on the community.


In 1984, she was honored with the prestigious ESTRO Breur Award, recognising her outstanding achievements and dedication to advancing the field. In 2011 at the occasion of ESTRO 30th anniversary, she was bestowed with the special 'Founding Members Award,' paying tribute to those who participated in the creation of ESTRO in 1981. Madame Dutreix graciously shared her insights in an interview featured in the ESTRO Newsletter at this occasion.


ESTRO extends its deepest condolences to Madame Dutreix's family. Her impact on the world of radiotherapy will be remembered with gratitude and respect and her legacy will continue to inspire future generations.