2021 Physics Workshop - Science in Development

Online workshop

This series of workshops offers opportunities beyond what ESTRO offers in educational and scientific meetings. It aims to facilitate scientific and professional networking opportunities within the ESTRO physics membership and for physicists working in other areas, and to create close interaction with developers in companies.

The 2021 Physics Workshop - Science in Development is devided in two parts and will take place in an online format. 

All participants would benefit most from attending, where possible, both parts of the workshop .

A plenary session will be held online on Friday 22 October 2021 from 13h to 16h30 CET

Watch the Webinar streamed on 26 February.

Early registration deadline : 11 May 2021

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Workshop topics and chairs

1. Commissioning and QA for Deformable Image Registration in RT
Online sessions, 23 September and 7 October, 2021

Mohammad Hussein and Michael Jameson (with ACPSEM endorsement)

Read full programme hereWatch a video from the chairs

2. Physics aspects of FLASH
Online sessions 20-21 October, 2021

Anna Subiel and Frank van den Heuvel

Read full programme here; Watch a video from the chairs

3. Clinical Translation of CT Innovations in Radiation Oncology: Opportunities, Requirements and Standardization
Online sessions  20-21 and 23 October, 2021

Thomas Bortfeld, Patrick Wohlfahrt, Vicki Taasti

Read full programme here; Watch a video from the chairs

4. Harmonisation and standardisation in SBRT planning
Online session sessions, 22 September and 13 October, 2021

Pietro Mancosu and Nuria Jornet

Read full programme here; Watch a PPT video from the chairs

5. Mining the radiotherapy dose: exploring dose-response patterns in radiation therapy
Online sessions 18-19 October, 2021

Alan McWilliam, Laura Cella, Giuseppe Palma

Read full programme here. Watch a video from the chairs

Sponsoring and advertising

2021 ESTRO Physics Workshop presents the opportunity for exhibitors to: 

  • showcase the company's products and services
  • network with decision makers and experts in the field
  • engage in the scientific programme, gain insight into projects in their initial stages and capture scientific development.

Plese find here :


Contact person:
Hande Van Gestel 
Exhibition Project Manager