Madrid, Spain

ESTRO 2021

Onsite and online event : late registration deadline 27 July 2021
Programme hours are CET

ESTRO is pleased to announce that the Board of the Society has decided to move ahead with the congress onsite in Madrid, Spain while providing online access to the full congress.

We recommend to register now in order to benefit from the early registration fee. Also, the number of seats is limited to 2,500 and follows a first come, first serve basis.

Should you wish to change your registration from onsite to online or vice versa, you may do so at no extra cost until Wednesday 15 August 2021.

We are very pleased to finally be able meeting you live this year... See you in Madrid!

Late registration deadline: 27 July 2021

It is my privilege and great pleasure to invite you to ESTRO 2021 which will take place 27-31 August 2021 in Madrid, Spain.
Together with the local authorities in Madrid, we have concluded that it is safe to organise our annual meeting live in Madrid this summer and have adopted the necessary safety measures. For regulatory reasons, the capacity of the venue has been reduced to about 50%.

For those of you who will not be able to travel, we are putting in place the option to participate virtually to the congress, thanks to an online platform, where sessions in digital format will be made available for both the live and the online attendees. We are building on the positive experience of last year, we will enhance online interactivity and participation, with a new digital platform with improved functionalities.
We want to provide you with the best possible congress experience under all circumstances, and to foster broad and continuous participation.

ESTRO’s new vision statement for 2030 ‘Radiation Oncology. Optimal Health for All, Together.’ emphasises the ambition of the society to further reinforce radiation oncology as a core partner in multidisciplinary cancer care, and to guarantee accessible and high-value radiation therapy for all cancer patients who need it.
This year we will be giving more room and visibility to the contributions from the submitted abstracts. Sessions with highlights of proffered papers will take place in a plenary setting, offering maximum visibility to your work. Furthermore, we will give more visibility to posters by increasing the number of them being discussed, offering you a platform to showcase your achievements. The interdisciplinary track has increased in size compared to the past editions. We will have a Young Scientists Track encompassing relevant lectures and other activities.

Networking with corporate partners is always invaluable. ESTRO 2021 will host Europe’s largest industry exhibition in radiation oncology. It will offer you a unique opportunity to interact with industry leaders and to find out about the latest developments in technology, techniques and oncology products.
We look forward to welcoming you in Madrid.

With warm regards,

Ben Slotman                                                
ESTRO 2021 Chair    


Scientific programme committee

Ben Slotman (NL) Chair of the congress and Chair of the interdisciplinary track

  • Ina Jürgenliemk-Schulz (NL) Chair, SAG Brachytherapy
  • Brita Singers Sorensen (DK) Chair, SAG Radiobiology
  • Wouter van Elmpt (NL) Chair, SAG Radiation Physics
  • Maria Antonietta Gambacorta (IT) Chair, SAG Clinical Radiotherapy
  • Yat Man Tsang (UK) Chair, SAG Radiation Therapy
  • Jenny Bertholet (UK) Chair, Young track
  • Sophie Perryck (CH) Chair, Young track

Martin-Immanuel Bittner (UK), Cyrus Chargari (FR), Umberto Ricardi (IT), Karin Haustermans (BE), Bradley Pieters (NL), Marc Vooijs (NL), Catharine Clark (UK), Bartosz Bak (PL), Michael Baumann (DE), Jens Overgaard (DK), Daniel Zips (DE), Sara Faithfull (UK), Daniela Thorwarth (DE)


Wouter van Elmpt (NL) Chair
Marianne Aznar (DK), Catharine Clark (GB), Claudio Fiorino (IT), Eduard Gershkevitsh (EE), Ben Heijmen (NL), Aswin Hoffmann (DE), Nuria Jornet (ES), Guillaume Landry (DE), Eirik Malinen (NO), Ludvig Muren (DK), Tufve Nyholm (SE), Uwe Oelfke (GB), Kari Tanderup (DK), Daniela Thorwarth (DE), Uulke van der Heide (NL), Dirk Verellen (BE)


Ina Jürgenliemk-Schulz (NL) Chair
Cyrus Chargari (FR), Marisol De Brandere (BE), Peter Hoskin (UK), Nicole Nesvacil (AT), Bradley Pieters (NL), Csaba Polgár (HU), Agata Rembielak (UK), Carl Salembier (BE), Frank-André Siebert (DE), Vratislav Strnad (DE), Luca Tagliaferri (IT)


MA Gambacorta (IT) Chair
Pierre Blanchard (FR), Eric Deutsch (FR), Dorota Gabrys (PL), Cihan Gani (DE), Karin Haustermans (BE), Morten Høyer (DK), Hans Langendijk (NL), Anne Laprie (FR), Pedro Lara (ES), Cecile Le Pechoux (FR), Icro Meattini (IT), Ursula Nestle (DE), Claus Roedel (DE), Esther Troost (DE), Henrike Westerveld (NL)


Yat Man Tsang (UK) Chair
Bartosz Bak (PL), Colleen Dickie (CA), Aileen Duffton (UK), Ingrid Kristensen (SE), Mirjam Mast (NL), Filipe Moura (PT), Laura Mullaney (IE), Sophie Perryck (CH), Maddalena Rossi (NL), Michael Velec (CA), Bernd Wisgrill (AT)


Brita Singers Sørensen (DK) Chair
Kerstin Borgmann (DE), Anthony Chalmers (UK), Rob Coppes (NL), Anna Dubrovska (DE), Heidi Lyng (NO), Laure Marignol (IE), Francois Paris (FR), Navita Somaiah (UK), Peter Van Luijk (NL), Marc Vooijs (NL), Marie-Catherine Vozenin (CH)


Jenny Bertholet (UK) Sophie Perryck (CH) Chairs
Jean-Emmanuel Bibault (FR), Martin-Immanuel Bittner (UK), Cyrus Chargari (FR), Ludwig Dubois (NL), Pierfrancesco Franco (IT), Jolien Heukelom (NL), Laura Mullaney (IE), Steven Petit (NL), Kathrine Røe Redalen (NO), Mateusz Spałek (PL)

ESTRO 2021 is an onsite and online congress. In this way attendees are given the opportunity to attend the congress onsite in Madrid, or in a online setting from a location at their preference.

ESTRO 2021

Onsite event
Registrations are now open

Online event
Registrations are now open

Pre-meeting courses & Contouring workshop

  • 5 Pre-meeting courses and 5 Contouring workshops will be organised


ESTRO 2021

  • Access to the annual congress on site, its scientific programme and networking opportunities with peers and experts


  • Access to the poster area, to the poster sessions
  • Access to the annual congress scientific programme streamed live


  • Access to the digital poster platform and the opportunity to interact with the authors digitally


MyESTRO portal

  • Access to the webcasts of the event via the MyESTRO portal (according to your membership grade)
  • Access to the webcasts of the event via the MyESTRO portal (according to your membership grade)

Exhibition area

  • An exhibition featuring equipment and medical publishers will be held in the Exhibition area
  • Access to the industry symposia

Abstract submission: 8 March 2021

Late breaking abstract submission: 19 April to 5 May 2021

Early registration deadline: 16 June 2021

Late registration deadline: 27 July 2021

Desk registration: As of 28 July 2021

For absrtacts accepted for oral presentation, please refer to the oral presenter information webpage for further instructions.

For abstracts accepted for poster highlight, poster discussion or poster, please refer to the poster information webpage for further instructions.

The late-breaking abstract submission for ESTRO 2021 closed on 5 May 2021 (23.59 HRS CET).The abstract review has now taken place and selection results were sent to authors mid-May.

For the Late-breaking Abstract Submission Guidelines, click here.

The regular abstract submission for ESTRO 2021 closed on 8 March 2021 (23.59 HRS CET).The abstract review has now taken place and selection results were sent to authors early May.

For the Abstract Submission Guidelines, click here.

For a full list of the Topics and Keywords, click here.

Searchable programme

The programme for ESTRO 2021 is available here: searchable programme
* Please note that the programme is subject to change.
* Programme hours are CEST.

Registrations for the onsite event are now open.

ESTRO members 2021
 can benefit from a substantial discount on the registration fee. To benefit from this member rate, please visit the membership page and become a member 2021 BEFORE proceeding with your order.

ONSITE REGISTRATION [Fee including 21% of VAT]





300 €


300 €

365 €

425 €


425 €

665 €

910 €


790 €

1045 €

1305 €



165 €


180 €

240 €

300 €


240 €

300 €

365 €



90 €


120 €


180 €



30 €


50 €


70 €


Registrations for the online event are open.

ONLINE REGISTRATION [Fee including 21% of VAT]




240 €

300 €


300 €

365 €


425 €

665 €


790 €

1045 €


Registration deadlines

  • Early registration deadline: 16 June 2021
  • Late registration deadline: 27 July 2021
  • Desk registration: As of 28 July 2021

*In-training ESTRO Members can benefit from the in-training fee. 

** ESTRO Members with specialty RTT may register at the RTT fee.

*** To register as a student you should be an ESTRO member and send a copy of your valid student card to before completing the registration. Institute letters are not accepted.

**** Members from emerging countries may register at a preferential rate. Emerging country fee applies to individuals from low-income and lower-middle-income economies according to the World Bank listing available.

Cancel my registration – You can cancel your registration and get a full refund of the registration fee minus handling charges of 15%. This option is available until 2 months before ESTRO 2021, i.e. until 27 June 2021. Between 27 June and 12 August 2021, the refund will amount to 50% of the registration fee. No refund will be possible if the cancellation is postmarked after 12 August 2021.

ESTRO 2021 registration policy 

5 pre-meeting courses* will be organised before the congress. Please find below the different topics:

  • Interdisciplinary
  • Radiobiology
  • Clinical
  • Physics
  • RTT


* Please note that the Pre-meeting courses will take place onsite only.

If you would like to register for a pre-meeting course, please click on the top right button [Book now] and select the pre-meeting of your choice as an ''add-on" in your registration. 

If you are attending a pre-meeting course only, please select the fee "No-days" and then select the pre-meeting course of your choice.

FALCON (Fellowship in Anatomic DeLineation and CONtouring) is the multifunctional ESTRO platform for contouring and delineation. For ESTRO 2021 we will be offering 5 contouring workshops, onsite in Madrid and online. The online workshops will take place via Zoom. 

  • Sarcoma (cancelled)
  • Spine SBRT (cancelled)
  • Special Multidisciplinary Contouring Workshop (postponed to 2022)

Online Workshops

  • Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
  • Brain Cancer
  • OAR Head & Neck (new)

Onsite Workshops

  • Breast Cancer: Boost and PBI TV Contouring (new)
  • Breast Cancer: TV Contouring After Mastectomy (new)

If you would like to register for a contouring workshop, please click on the top right button [Book now] and select the contouring workshop of your choice as an ''add-on" in your registration. 

If you are only attending an online contouring workshop, please select the fee "No-days" and then select the online contouring workshop of your choice.


IFEMA – Feria de Madrid

Avda. del Partenón, 5

28042 Madrid


Congrex Switzerland is the official congress partner for hotel accommodation and is the only agency offering accommodation on behalf of the ESTRO 2021 Conference.

As the official ESTRO 2021 partner, Congrex Switzerland offers highly dedicated customer service and professional support for all your accommodation needs. We can offer you great deals in a wide range of hotels in the vicinity of the congress venue and all over the city of Madrid. Early booking is highly recommended as rooms typically sell fast in prime locations.

Hotel reservations for individual participants and small groups can be made online via the below links. Please click on the corresponding button depending on if you want to make an individual booking for yourself or for a small group.

Individual Reservations

Group Reservations (2-8 rooms)

 Click here to book one room

 Click here to book several rooms (a maximum of 8 rooms can be booked)


There are an increasing number of fraudulent websites impersonating ESTRO 2021 and we would like to warn all participants to be aware of possible scams and strongly advise that you only use the official housing agency, Congrex Switzerland, when making reservations.

Individual Reservations
Participants can book their hotel room online.

Small Group Reservations (2-8 rooms)
Small groups can book their hotel rooms online.

Group Reservations (from 9 rooms on)
Group bookings (9 rooms and up) cannot be made online as different terms and conditions apply. For further information, up-to-date availability and reservation, please contact us at

Location of Hotels
Please view the ESTRO 2021 hotel map for more information on the location of the hotels.

Payment Policy
For online reservations full credit card payment is required. After a successful reservation you will receive a written confirmation by e-mail. When checking out, all extras (mini-bar, telephone charges, room service, etc.) must be settled with the hotel directly.

Terms & Conditions for contracted hotels
Reservations can only be made online and payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) is mandatory.

  • Cancellations

For cancellations made before 14th June 2021, a handling fee of EUR 60.00 applies. Cancellations received after 14th June 2021 will be charged in full.

Cancellations of individual nights (i.e. date changes) are also considered as cancellations and will be charged as such.

Requests for refunds may be considered after the conference if the room has been resold (either by Congrex or the hotel).

  • Name Changes

Changes can be made via Congrex Switzerland at and are subject to a handling fee of EUR 30.00.

Terms & Conditions for accommodation listed by our online partner Expedia
For bookings of accommodation with the Expedia Affiliate Network logo, the terms and conditions stated on the hotel voucher and in the hotel description apply.

For enquiries, please contact the official accommodation partner:
Congrex Switzerland Ltd.
Reinacherstrasse 131
CH-4053 Basel
Tel: +41 61 686 77 94
Fax: +41 61 686 77 88

An exhibition featuring equipment and medical publishers will be held in the Exhibition area. The exhibition will open on Friday evening with the Networking evening and will remain open from Saturday to Monday. Entrance is free for all registered participants. Companies and publishers who would like to participate in the exhibition may obtain more detailed information from the ESTRO Office.

Please find here :

Bookings forms for:

Exhibition Space Rental

Satellite Symposium

Advertising & Sponsoring Opportunities

Meeting Rooms

Start-up Corner Booking Form

Online Packages Booking Form


Contact person:
Hande Van Gestel
Exhibition Project Manager
T: +32 (0) 2 775 90 18



For general questions please contact our conference secretariat

General queries: contact us
Abstract queries: contact us

Please find below the Frequently Asked Questions linked to ESTRO 2021

Q: If I registered for the onsite congress, do I have access to the online platform?

Your onsite registration gives you also access to the online platform.

Q: I would like to change my registration attendance (Onsite- Online)

Should you wish to change your registration from onsite to on online or vice versa, you may do so at no extra cost until 15/08/2021.

Please send us your request by sending an email to

Q: My country does not allow to travel in Spain, can I register for the online congress and change my registration to Onsite if the restrictions are lifted?

You can change your registration from online to onsite if the registration limit of 2500 delegates has not been reached by the date of your request. You can change your registration at no extra cost.

You can change your registration until 15/08/2021.

Please send us an email to

Q: Will I be able to watch session recordings after the Congress has ended?

All the sessions will be available on demand after the congress on the online platform for all ESTRO 2021 participants.

Q: Can I register onsite?

Registration onsite is available if the registration limit of 2500 delegates has not been reached. We would recommend registering beforehand to ensure your registration onsite in Madrid.

Q. I am a member of the press and would like to participate in the Congress.

Participation in the congress is free of charge for journalists but requires proof of status. To register, please send an e-mail to with the following:

  • Your preference to attend in-person or online. Please note that in-person registration also gives access to the online platform.
  • A copy of a valid press card or a letter of assignment.
  • The company name and what your organisation does.

Q: How can I request a VISA letter to attend ESTRO 2021 in Madrid?

You can request a VISA letter by sending an email to mentioning your institute details. Please note that you must be registered first in order to request a VISA letter.

Q: What COVID-19 measures are in place at the venue in Madrid?

The congress venue IFEMA is taking measures aimed to protect participants from any type of risk and can deny access to participants at its discretion.

The following measures are in place:

  • The use of masks inside the IFEMA facilities is mandatory, as is maintaining the minimum interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 m.  All attendees must have enough masks for the duration of the congress.
  • At the entrance of the venue all participants, without exception, will have their temperature taken using the system installed by the venue. Delegates refusing to have their temperature taken will be denied access to the venue.
  • Setup of one-way paths to allow the necessary distancing between participants.
  • Controlling access to halls and rooms: There will be an automated people counting system to ensure that the authorized capacity limits are not exceeded.
  • Current regulations require that food and drinks must be served at tables that accommodate a maximum of four people (inside), respecting an established safety distance of 1.5 m and with occupants seated at all times (in banquet table with chairs or high table with stools).
  • Personal measures: frequent hand hygiene is mandatory, particularly after contact with any surfaces. Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers will be made available to attendees. 



Extra information